What makes "Good" Customer Service?

When you think of the words Customer Service in a basic context, they mean that someone (the customer) has an issue or concern that needs to be dealt with by another person (the vendor). This dynamic has maintained over time, but how one provides the answers to the issue or concern has changed drastically over the years.

As time progresses, technology has assisted some companies in performing a type of customer service, some of this would be the ability to log into your account and view data on a dashboard, or the ability to call and get a question answered by a computer program or entering a business and talking to an individual.

As businesses have grown and attempted to reduce personnel, the personal aspect of customer service has been lost or misplaced. The inability to reach a “real person” who can feel the pain you have over an issue or concern has created a new pain point in our increasingly technological world.

An example of this happened to me just the other day when I contact a company via the phone. I was trying to identify if they were having an issue with their website, after listening to the options given by the computer, I had to choose to listen to another menu. I listened to that menu and found that I needed to listen to a third menu of options. I was finally able to find the way to talk to a "real person”, but during this process the pain points involved added to my frustration of not being able to access the information I was requesting. Upon reaching the “real person” and being greeted in a professional manner, I had just one question to ask – did they have any web site issues? I received a response, but sadly it was not useful and went about correcting the issue myself. Reset my modem myself. The disappointment of having to listen to 3 menus of possible selections, and not having the option to select a “real person” from the beginning was a difficult process.

Computers are not personable, they can’t feel your pain or understand why the pain exists. For this to become a reality, one needs to be able to communicate with a “real” person. Options for this type of communication, along with the options to perform the service yourself are ideal for those who may need or want a personal experience.

When I asked what customer service meant to our team here at Tripwireless they came up with the below examples of what good customer service means to them.

* The ability swiftly, urgently, and empathetically, move to fix a failure that we have caused or contributed to without excuses.

*Providing prompt, efficient and professional solutions until their needs, issues and concerns have been met and resolved, while having a positive and friendly attitude.

* Always being there for your customer-

*Going the extra mile

*Doing the research

*All in all try to make their lives easier

* Picking up the phone -regardless if its bad news or good news.

*Never avoid bad situation; be proactive and get in front of it by talking to your customer- trying to find a solution to it.

*Always treat your customer how you would like to be treated in any situation.

*Everyone you work with in a day be it clients or your colleagues, are your customers.

*Deliver on your promises.

All in all, the main point of customer service is to remember that your customer is a human being, they have the right to choose the vendor/supplier of the goods or service you are providing. Providing ways for your customer to get service in a timely manner should be a company’s goal. Remember, some of your customers will always prefer to talk to a person for the service they are requiring over the ease of logging into yet another faceless dashboard or calling an automated line.

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