Packaging Standards: Is it time to up your packing game?

At Tripwireless Inc we recognize the value of getting our customers their material intact and in great condition. Freight comes in different shapes and sizes each with its own packing requirements. Our top priority is to get our freight delivered to our customer in the same condition as it left our warehouse and with accuracy.

Proper packing is the single most important factor in achieving this. Our application of high-quality packing materials and proper techniques on all our orders helps us ensure this very principle. As you may already know, shipping by road, rail, air, or sea isn’t always the smoothest ride. All the bumps, drops, and vibrations will jostle your freight with the potential to cause damage. However, with high-quality packaging material and the proper application, damage to your freight can be significantly minimized or cancelled out altogether.

The cost of damages at a glance:

· Replacement price of goods

· Time spent tracking damaged material through RMA process

· Additional freight costs

· Time lost pulling, prepping, packing, and shipping replacement goods

· Disposal of damaged freight and shipping materials

· Time spent repairing relations with customer

· Time spent curbing potential loss of sale and customer

Materials used to properly pack orders at Tripwireless Inc:

· Single and double walled high density corrugated cardboard boxes

· Shipping weight appropriate reconditioned or new wood pallets

· Instapak 901 molding foam

· 2000lb break strength strapping

· 18” .08-millimeter industrial stretch film

· Industrial reinforced gum tape

· 1/2” perforated large industrial bubble wrap

· 3/16 perforated large industrial bubble wrap

· Anti-static bags/packing

Tripwireless Inc packing attributes to consider:

· Custom sized boxes used on special or custom orders

· Instapak foam packing employed when shipping heavy or ultra-delicate items

· When orders are boxed all airspace is filled to negate any material movement and curb any damage

· Special consideration is taken when packing as not to exceed 45lbs per box

· ESD handling precautions taken when necessary during the packing process

· Cardboard corners used on all pallet shipments

· Tripwireless Inc never re-uses packing materials. Cartons and polystyrene packing once used will not have the same strength they had when new. As a result, losing their effectiveness and the ability to protect your goods.

The above practices while time consuming, ultimately will save time and money in the long run for both you, and your customer.


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