What is a 3PL (Third-party logistics) provider?

A “3PL” is a company which will perform work on your company’s behalf, normally in the transportation or warehousing venue.

The 3PL provider can work within your facility or in a facility which they own/lease. They can also be outsourced to a 4PL (Fourth-party logistics) provider, which the 3PL will manage.

3PL providers take normally take ownership of the materials they are warehousing and the customers they are supporting.

What you can expect from a 3PL provider ?-

1. Logistics expertise with ability to perform creative solutions.

2. Process improvement – ensuring the most efficient processes are being performed.

3. Partnership to serve your end customers on your behalf.

4. Inventory control and ownership.

5. Ability to flex, either at the established location or in a new market.

Should you look into a 3PL provider ?-

1. Are you able to focus on your primary business?

2. Do you want to expand into a new market?

3. Are you out-growing your current logistics ability?

A 3PL provider can be an asset for your company. A partner in growing your business. A creative solution identifier.

Partnering with the correct 3PL provider can lead to growth and enhanced customer service.


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