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Unmanned Systems and Solutions.  USAS’s Long Endurance Aerial Platform (LEAP) is the industry's heaviest payload capacity and secure data transmission system, which can be airborne for 24-hour periods before landing.  The USaS LEAP Solo provides first responders, communications providers, military and public safety organizations a highly mobile UAV tether solution that enables them to engage in operations which require persistent, heavy lift aerial services.


LEAP Solo consists of five components - heavy lift UAV, UAV converter, hybrid tether, ground power station and ground control station. USAS’s custom software makes the Solo easy to fly and incredibly safe, and delivers continuous power and secure gigabyte speed data connectivity to a heavy unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).


This high power automated system is contained in a rugged, highly portable case, which makes it ideal for deployment in urban neighborhoods and the rugged terrain of the back country.

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